SVK Tech has a very strong domain knowledge and wide expertise in using Java and open source technologies. Our strength lies in building advanced Java based applications. We follow a developer-friendly review methodology for Java. Automation of database documentation in Java gets generated on each build. Architectural rules are defined as part of continuous integration and get checked on very build. Quality of code is ensured by the code coverage with the bench mark set to 95%. Our advantages include time to market, development productivity, code quality, assessment platform, best in class technology expertise, and solution accelerators.

Modern businesses are increasingly dealing with complex technology challenges, which need suitable IT solutions to enhance productivity. Java is an advanced development platform for various software tools and solutions that enable enterprises to meet their IT requirements in different scenarios.

SVK Tech’s deep industry experience in Java and detailed understanding of changing market trends enable enterprises to benefit from our Java based solutions and services for managing their business processes, business intelligence, content management, CRM, websites, and middleware. We develop a common technology framework based on industry best practices in architecture, design, and implementation, which forms the basis of enterprise application development. We also help customers transition and integrate Java Enterprise systems into existing enterprise solutions.


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    #1, 8th cross, Jaimun Rao Circle,

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